How do I keep objects in place and recall them later?

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  • In my activity, players select a multiple choice and an arrow appears beside it indicating their selection. Once they think they have the right answer they press submit. Currently I have it so the arrows get pinned to the background - this part is working fine. However my trouble comes with the end page that shows them their results. For example, say they answered A for question 2. Ideally on the end page the system will enter "2. A" based on the y- position of the arrow. It's hit and miss currently, and there is no rhyme or reason I can tell as to what determines whether an answer will be recorded. Is there a way to use the y-position of the arrow on one layer to have the system fill in a text box with a preset answer in another layer? I'm not sure if this makes sense- I tried copying the code I have but I'm struggling

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  • I get what you are trying to do, but there's an easier way.

    Try this. Assign each answer slot a variable eg AnswerNumber: 1, 2, 3, 4 etc

    Then make a global variable called "PlayerPicked"

    On "AnswerSprite" touched - > set variable "PlayerPicked" to AnswerSprite.AnswerNumber

    So if they click the first one. then PlayerPicked becomes 1

    then at the end of your round. you know which one they picked when they hit submit.

    "You picked : " & PlayerPicked

    As for the arrow position, simply set its Y to the same Y value as the answer slot that they are clicking on.

    On "AnswerSprite" touched -> set position arrow.y to AnswerSprite.Y

    If its on a different layer then the answer slots, make sure both layers have the same parallax value or else you need to get into using the more complicated expression to convert layer values.

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