How do I keep objects in layouts stop playing after transitions

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  • Hello There Everyone here,

    I have a question for everyone that i am trying to understand but i can't seem to wrap this around my head even while reading other tutorials and post in the forums so i am going to try to explain as best as i can. Say you have three layouts, Layout A is your title screen, lets say after a few seconds on the screen it changes to like a demo of what your game going to be like which we will call Layout B, in Layout B the game is running and there is a timer how much time is left before it switches to layout C which is also part of the game(trying to create a game when the stage changes at random)which we willsay 40 seconds. after 40 seconds pass, it goes to layout C, which after 20 seconds on layout C it will go back to layout A. It works fine but once it returns back to layout A and does the run on the title screen it will go back to Layout B but the timer is now lower say 25 seconds, meaning layout was still running even though it was no longer on the screen, atleast that is my understanding.

    And as it keeps running transitioning to all the layouts noticing its taking less time for it to transition even if there is a set time in event sheets how can stop this? From what i am gathering from reading through the forums, i may have to set some sort of global variables for my objects or create arrays, but i was hoping someone can point me in the correct direction i should be going, as i am total newbie to this, i can provide and example of what i am trying to do if it is needed. I appreciate the help in advance. Thank You

  • What are you using for the 'timer', every X seconds?

  • For the "timer" i am using every 1 sec subtract 1 from the timer, and when timer=0 go to layout. this is only on the event sheet so far for when the game is running with the timer on it. Messing around with make me wonder if i should put this on every event sheet for a new layout

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  • If 'timer' is a global variable then I'm not sure how it can revert to a 25 unless you set it to this on start of layout. Just use on start of layout set global variable 'timer' to a value, should be fine.

  • Thank you. I havent had much time lately but i will try to look at this further and see. If there any further tutorials perhaps i can look at to understand more i would greatly appreciate it

  • No need for tutorial, just share your events or C2 capx file and it can be sorted out :P

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