How do I Keep Multiple Levels Organized

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  • I plan on having 2 levels of difficulty in my game, normal & easy. The easy difficulty will eliminate a need for 1 of the animations and a 4th touch button/keyboard press (thinking about the young ones that may play).

    I plan on having around 25 levels + bonus levels. In all that would be around 50 levels. I can't imagine having 50+ levels opened in the editor.

    So how would i keep those organized? I was thinking if it was possible to have normal levels in 1 folder and the easy levels in another, but i don't know if C2 allows for this.

    Thanks for any suggestions and help.

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  • I would keep the 25 levels and just compare a difficulty variable 'On Start Of Layout' and make any adjustments you need to from there.

    You can add a subfolder in the Layouts section of the project window. Also you don't need to have everyone of those layouts open at all times. You can close any off and then just double click them from that the project window again to bring them back.

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