How do I keep the level editor updated with the game itself?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new to gamedev and I am currently working on only my second game. The core art and mechanics are already defined but now I've come to the conclusion that I will need to create a level editor for my game. However, due to the specifics of the game mechanics I want for the person in charge of level editing to quickly test the level. Ideally I will continue working on the developing the game, (sound, gui, additional mechanics, etc), in parallel with the person creating the levels.

    What I would like to is that when the level creator test plays the new levels, the gameplay would always be updated with the latest development stage, ideally in a seemless process.

    What process should I use?:

    • 2 different capx, one for the game and another for level editor, and manually update level editor?
    • define a common list of sprites, events, sounds etc that is shared by 2 capx? Is this possible?

    I am drawing a blank at this stage, I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

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  • I would suggest making a level editor that is separate to your game. I don't know how you are storing level data at the moment... but you could have the editor export a "level file" that the game will automatically read.

    I have made things like this in the past, and having another program that can run independently is a big bonus.


  • I would actually go for the editor as part of the game's main capx, this way it can share exactly the same mechanics you implemented in your "gameplay" part, and would allow the preview/test part of the editor to always be up to date with the current implementation, and would still allow to have the editor separated from the main gameplay from the simple fact it would be in different layouts and accessed from a different way from a main menu in the game.

    The common gameplay mechanic would be contained in a specific event sheet that you can include whether you are playing the game or testing a level.

    A specific event sheet depending on whether you are editing/previewing or playing would be the including the common mechanic event sheet.

    You could reuse a basic gameplay layout in order to play the level in game or in preview.

    If feels like even though you still would be developing two applications, you could still maintain a single codebase and still be able to provide working/updated builds to your level designer as you go.

    This way you could even decide to provide the level editor to your players when the game is over, or simply hide/delete that part in the final builds.

    As Soldjah mentioned, that would require you to possibly use some external files/data structure for the data of levels to be kept and worked on.

  • Ok, thank you guys. I will opt for doing everything in one main capx, mainly because I feel quick testing of the levels is quite important for my game. I do plan on storing the levels in external files that the final game will then read.

    I liked the possibility that I might release the level editor to the players and doing everything in one capx definitely makes it easier. Thank you all for your suggestions!

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