How do I keep the ios popup keyboard from scaling the app

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  • I'm building the next mobile megahit! It is a grid-based game that uses "Letterbox scale". I'm using PhoneGap Build to port to ios. I'm targeting the iPhone 5, 6, and 6s aspect ratio and all other ratios will have black bars. No problem and working great. UNTIL the focus goes on the textbox where the user enters their name for the high-scores. As soon as the textbox gets focus, the iPhone keyboard pops up and the entire app scales very small and off the top of the screen with lots of black space around it. Once the name is entered and the user presses "Done", the screen goes back to normal. How do I prevent this unwanted scaling? I can't use Scale inner or Scale outer for the whole game because the entire grid has to be on the screen at all times.

  • I'm no expert but have you tried putting your layout to unbound scrolling?

  • I didn't even know about that property of the layout! I'll try it.

  • Scale inner/outer is what you're looking for. You'll just need to design the layout so that your grid fits in all aspect ratios you want to target.

    If you use letterbox scale, the on screen keyboard will resize the window and cause your screen to shrink.

  • Changing the layer "Unbound scrolling" to "Yes" didn't fix it. Trying "Sale outer" next.

  • I tried these options for the project's "Fullscreen in browser" property: Scale inner, Scale outer, Letterbox scale, Letterbox integer scale. They all cause the popup iOS keyboard to scale the window and cause the screen to shrink when the textbox gets focus. Anyone have any other ideas?

  • The end result was to build a virtual keyboard within the game so there is no text box and no pop-up iOS keyboard. The Apple App store approved it and the game is now available!

  • just wanted to add something in case you run into issues with Android. Any text input on android that is closer to the top causes the keyboard to appear and disappear really quickly,

  • Thanks. I hope my virtual keyboard will work on it's own on Android and not have to rely on OS popup keyboards.

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  • I think the best solution would be making your own keyboard out of sprites.

  • I did make my own keyboard. I used SpriteFonts.

  • Great work on building your own keyboard, have you considered maybe selling the source on the store? might save someone some time and reward you for your effort.

    I posted an update to the issue that I found too.

  • Thanks. I'm planning on making it a plugin and I'll get it on the store as soon as I can. Great video showing the android issue. Cheers!

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