How do I keep the best time (time counter)

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  • Hi folks,

    I am on a little game that is all about completion time per level.

    Right now I have :

    • a global variable called timer that check the time globally on every level layout start
    • a global variable called timer_result that is set to timer when the player reach the end of the level
    • a global variable per level called result1_1 (1_2, 1_3 etc) that is used to display the best time on the level selection layout

    My timer works, I get the time saved in timer_result when the player reach the end of the level but my issue is to change or not the result1_1 based on timer_result.

    On my event sheet I get

    On end of layout  
    Result1_1 = 0    
    Timer_result < Result1_1 
    ====> Set Result1_1 to Timer_result[/code:sdgzwj6b]
    When I do that Result1_1 stays at 0, if I disable Timer_result < Result1_1 condition Result1_1 is updated but even if the new time is greater than the old one....
    I am brand new to using variables in my game and even it seems logical to me I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong....
    Thanks in advance guys.
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  • Just figured out that the Result1_1 as a condition makes no sense but even without it I still have issues...

  • As we always say, this is when you put a question on a forum that you found the solution... It is surely dirty but it works so sorry for taking a forum spot for nothing

  • No capx...No solution

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