How do I Keep a background with stars following the player

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  • hey! i'm trying to do a night effect with moving stars.

    So far i have 2 sprites almost similar to each other, both with the bullet behavior, one with speed set to -4, and the other -6.

    But being a "bullet" eventually it will go outside the layout.

    The player obj has the scrollTo behavior, it's a platformer

    Also i have set the layout scale to 0.5.

    My ideia is to have 2 triggers on each side of the visible screen, when the player overlaps with them, it creates a new startSprite, so that the stars are always on screen. And also if the star sprite is not on visible screen, create a new one to the right of the player.

    Can't seem to get the Xs and Ys values for any of these things . I've tried using ViewPorts.., canvasToLayout, but gotten no where :/

    Any help?

    Thx in advance!

  • Would this be of any help to you?

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  • yes, yes it did, thank you!

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