How do I Keep angle on touch constant?

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  • Not sure if that is a good title but currently I am working on a rotational shooter where the player1 ship will set angle to the touch.x/touch.Y which works great, but when I release the ship goes back to the original angle. I would like the touch.x/touch.y to become the default angle until the screen is touched again and then moves to the next angle. I am not sure if this makes any sense and my terms a noobish, because I am just starting out. Any ideas on how I can get this to work.

    Also I think I would like the ship to rotate to the angle(which I can get to work with a mouse) but seem to have problems getting it to work with touch.



  • What logic are you using? On any touch start > set angle toward touch.x,touch.y should set the angle toward the touch point and keep it facing in that direction until next touch. If you're trying to do something other than this please post .capx or link to example of what your game is doing.

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  • current I am using "Is in Touch" "Set angle toward touch.x, touch.y" because when I used "any touch start" the object did not rotate or work properly. But I can give it another try.

  • What kind of other rotating or angle setting events/behaviours do you use?

    While in touch it rotates towards touch, but obviously there is something else affecting the angle when there is no touch..

    Maybe remove the set angle inside the movement behaviour would solve your issue..

  • It should work fine like that, again if any problems just post a link to the project file.

  • Re-enabled the any touch start > and it does the same thing where it go to the location on the screen I touch and then just goes back to a default location. I do have mouse controls in which I am removing and testing again - WORKS! I lost the nice rotation I had with mouse controls but one step closer. Thanks, Plinkie!

    Might be harder than I thought to add that nice mouse rotation

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