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  • Okay so i have been thinking how but i cant figure out how would i make an attack that is just like attacks in the title.

    So the way they would work would be this, you would have 3 part of the attack: 1. Starting point - (it would look like what it looks like in DBZ (starting blast that produces the said attack))


            2. Main body - just like middle of the Kamehameha wave

            3. Collided part- so basically when 2nd part collides with a solid it produces the 3rd part (something like a blast).

    Now the attack is supposed to be "infinite" unless it collides with a solid.

    The way that would work is that the 2nd part would constantly stretch(like a tiled background), and when collided with a solid it would produce the 3rd part.

    So my question is: is that possible to make and if is, how?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You may have a look on the laser example in the Arcade. I guess that is quite what you need.

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  • Oh yeah thanks.

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