How do I Use Jumpthru without platform behaviour

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  • I am currently building a game the requires that player to have a physics attachment and has a revolt joint as an extension of the character , which then does not allow me to have a plat-former behavior on the character and also means platforms have this behavior also.

    This makes it impossible to use the Jump thru behavior and i have tried a number of different ways to do this but thus far seems to be impossible , if any one has any ideas or has had the experience before , any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated

  • Would be a case of disabling collisions with the physics objects when certain conditions are met, wouldn't it?

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  • i have tried to do that but there do sent seem to be anything that can turn off its collision for the Physics behaviour.

  • in the physics behaviour there is an action to turn of collisions..

    From the manual:

    These actions affect Physics behaviors in general, not just the one it was set for.

    Enable/disable collisions

    By default, all Physics objects collide with each other. You can disable collisions between the object and another Physics object so they pass through each other. This affects all instances of both object types. Note: enabling collisions again when objects are overlapping can cause instability in the simulation.

  • OK i missed this XD thanks for your time and sorry for taking it up.

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