Jumping on two enemies at once will kill you instead [BUG]

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  • Hello, everyone. I've been working in a small project for two weeks, about an infinite arcade game where you stomp on several enemies, and the main one is similar to the Super Mario's Goomba, where you have to stomp on its head to eliminate it, and touching it from any other angle will kill you instead. Jumping on its head will award you one point and will let you jump again.

    The abnormal behavior is more related to what happens when two goombas are colliding and you jump on them both at once; where in that case you are the one who dies instead. The intent is actually that you jump on both, but my theory is that you actually jump on one of them and when trying to up the Y vector, it's too late and you've touched the enemy that's below you.

    A link to the .capx can be found here: drive.google.com/file/d/1iuGlV9N4erVeW6l2CbsQC6hfWZPhFBqj/view (Note that this is only a quick draft with the intended behavior and not the actual game.) To test out the bug, try jumping on two red squares at the same time when they meet.

    Anyways, can anyone test the bug out and help me with how to solve it? Thank y'all very much in advance, and have a nice day.

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  • The same thing used to happen in Super Mario if you landed between the two Goombas and not on one of them.

    Make sure all your collision polygons are as tight as can be for starters.

    Finally, one fix would be to make a variable that is triggered to true when a Goomba is killed and then set back to false fractions of a second later. Now have your collision with Goomba simply compare that this variable is false before damaging the player.

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