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  • Im trying to make a platform game but when I put the platform movements on my sprite it only moves from left to right. I also tryed this on my other projects same problem. I even made a event which if you press the up arrow key you will stimulate jump but nothing happens anyone know how to fix?

    If you need any other info let me know. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Are you useing the most recent beta version? If so, I've encountered similar problems with a button that wouldn't show even though there wasn't any code for it yet... kind of hard to explain, but if I've learned anything about C2, it's that theres a hundred different ways to do something. My guess is that it's a bug, and try to downgrade to the latest stable version if you don't already have that.

  • Any thoughts on how to Downgrade? Do i just download an older version and launch my project with that?

  • But you see the problem is I downloaded a bunch of projects with platforming to them and their using the same exact version. Only my projects don't let characters jump. The projects I create only make the sprite move side to side.

  • Post your capx, that's the only way we can check what's wrong in your project.

    Are you sure you added the platform behavior to your character ?

    Is the jump strength > 0 ?

    Without seeing your code that would be two leads I'd investigate,

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  • I'm very new to the forums any idea how to post the file


  • use dropbox :)

    here's the link: dropbox.com

    install it on your computer and it will create a new folder

    put your capx file to the Public folder (since the other folder is private and only shared by your permission)

    go to the website (or right click, open website), copy the link of your file here, and done :D

    hope it can help

  • any luck?

  • You need a solid platform below the player.

  • The platform behavior has default keys set to yes, yet you are trying to simulate the same effect, i.e. you don't need event 1. If you want to take total control, set default keys to no.

    Also, setting jump strength to 5 is way, way to low.

    Make to to place your main sprite over a solid object.

  • You need a solid platform below the player.ow I'm so dumb thank you so much.

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