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  • Hi,

    Currently working on making a platformer but I can't figure out how to allow my character to jump while in midair.

    At the moment my character has a rolling attack; I'd like to allow the player to make a rolling jump off platforms in a similar way to the Donkey Kong Country games.

    This would also be useful knowledge for later if I want to include a standard double-jump move.

    Thanks. :)

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  • Use the 'set vector Y' action. A negative Y value will make them jump up, even if not on the ground. So if your jump strength is 500, setting vector Y to -500 has the same effect. To stop them being able to jump infinitely, you probably want to set a flag when the player lands on the ground, and clear it when they do their double jump, and make sure the flag is set before allowing a double jump.

  • Ah thank-you so much! Was looking around for it for a while then realised I hadn't upgraded since release 60, whoops.

    Cheers again. :)

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