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  • Hey guys I have been trying to give my "bad guys" some behaviour.

    I want them to be able to jump back and forth from point A to point B. Just keep jumping between these 2 points in one jump. So jumps to B then jumps back to A then back to B and so on.

    Its like the classic bad guy in mario the thwomp seen here fantendo.wikia.com/wiki/Thwomp

    I was trying to use the sprite on floor simulate jump then adding a vector to it but it doesnt seem to work the way im doing it. It doesnt move as he is in the air he moves when he on the ground then jumps lol. It seems like the expression is probably more complex than that. Im not that good with expressions lol

    If someone can give me a hand with this that would be great.

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  • chirp chirp .....(crickets)

    lol anyone?

  • Hello!

    Not sure if I understood you correctly, but here's my 2 cents:)

    Hope that helps!


    P.S. That capx is a mess, and might be overcomplicated:P

  • lol I checked yours out, its not quite what I was looking for. But its a a cool game design you have there :) with them following.

    I was going for the other thwomp you can see him here on

    this video at 7 minutes and 43 seconds


    thanks for trying though :)

  • Oh, now I see! Thought you might need this one:)

    Well, it's much easier to do:P


    Check the third guy. You can play around with his .platform.maxspeed, jumpstrenght etc. to modify jumping distance.



  • Hahaha that's awesome, very well done. I will study it to see how you did it. Love how it follows him around. You can totally use that as a boss fight. he follows you around jump on his head once then make it harder increasing how fast he jumps around and the height of his jump lol. do this twice and you have your typical "boss" fight lol

    Very cool man I will keep you posted on what it will be used for :)

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