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  • Hi!

    I,m making a Beat em up and I'm wondering how should i set my animation of attack while jumping, my curreny jump is a full animation because i don't want my hitbox to change X or Y. What should i use to align the "jump" with "attack while jumping" animation when the player press attack button while jumping?.

    Also is there a way to set a Z axis?


  • In regards to the hitbox, if you followed the 'how to make a platform game' tutorial (which I HIGHLY recommend), you would see that it is vitally important to make your player an invisible box, then attach a player image to that box. That way, animations will not change the hitbox.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'aligning' these animations... could you be a bit more specific?

    A way to set a z-axis? Well, there is no way to do this automatically, however it is definitely possible.

  • That might work if the player would only be able to move in 2 directions.

    I kinda made the alignment of the animations, unfortunatelly, if the player press "Attack" when the character is falling, it seems like it makes a double jump.

    Here is the .capx


    Thanks, and sorry if i wasn't able to explain correctly.


    Move with arrows, "a" is Attack, "s" is Jump.

  • Unfortunately, I do not think there is an easy way to do what you want to do, at least with a smooth transition.

    I'm stumped, anyone have any ideas?

  • Well... Thank you anyway Sqiddster =)

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  • Erhmm... Where is the good idea? i still have the problem =(

  • The problem lies simply with your animation style. A better way to do it would be to have arms, legs as seperate objects which you could apply events to, but because of your shading that would look awful.

    Have you thought of setting the 'attack' animation to the corresponding height frame of the jump animation, so you at least have the same height?

  • Yeah, is what i did yesterday and limited the attack to certain frames only, but that's no what i want. I think i have a solution, setting an image point in each frame and when the player attacks in mid air, just spawn another player with the attack animation. Also, i have to limit that attack animation in case it's almost at floor.

  • You don't need to spawn another player - just set its position to the correct image point.

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