Make jump-thru platforms if using physics objects

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  • I'm creating a platforming game the relies heavily upon physics, and hence the character (which is a ball) and the platforms are all set to have the 'physics' behavior. This works fine when all you want is for the ball to roll around on top of the surface of the platforms, but I would also like the option to have platforms which don't interact with the ball (or any other moveable physics object for that matter) unless the ball (or that other moveable physics object) is above the platform.

    If I were dealing with only one moveable physics objects and one instance of the platform, this wouldn't be so difficult. I could just set the physics collision of the platform to be 'off' unless the ball's Y position was above the top-most Y-position of the platform. But not only will there we multiple instances of the platforms across the stage, each with a different highest Y position, each platform will itself contain many 'highest' Y positions since many of my platforms are curved and sloped.

    Can anybody think about how I might go about achieving this effect using Construct 2's logic system, or will I have to code the physics from scratch using code? (I know nothing about coding by the way!)

    Thanks guys!

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