How do I make jump states?

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  • Hi everybody! i've just brought this awnsome engine a couple of days ago and i'm just plaing around with it. I've start to make a simple platform and i can't figured out the platform jump. What i want are 4 jump states: start jump, jumping, falling and land. For the middles (jumping and falling) i've got no problems, everythings works good. I've use the events "on jump" and "on land" but the animations doesn't work has want it, and also when the player start jump and land he shouldn't move at all (just for 4 frames), but is still moving. Do i need some kind of plug-in like states machine or something? If not, can someone help me to figured it out? Thanks!

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  • Use a playerbox (PIN empty sprite over your character) to avoid collision mistakes and use variables to the animations.

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