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  • So my player can doublejump. I made a "play sound event", always when the player press the "up arrow".

    Thats works fine, but now the jump soundeffect comes always when I press the "up arrow" button.

    If i spam the button when hes in the air, you alsways can hear the soundeffect. But I just wonna hear it, if the character really makes a jump ^^

    How can I check that, its not that easy with a double jump. Thanks !

  • Nefaru

    Many complicated ways but 1 very simple way:

    Player "On Jump" then


    There you have it. It will only sound when you jump 1st and 2nd(while in the air also known as DoubleJump)

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  • I made a "play sound event", always when the player press the "up arrow".

    This is a bad idea to do. You should not use touch controllers as much as possible as a base of things not relating to the player's actions.

    Because in some cases especially in mobile games or high cpu or graphic use games in pc, controllers tends to get glitchy or buggy sometimes. Just to be safe.

    This is based on my experience and experimentations XD.

  • Thanks, I will try it as soon as possible

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