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  • Hi

    I have a sloped jumpthrough platform which acts as a ramp between two completely flat jumpthrough platforms (see diagram below)and I'd like to make it so that when the player is already standing on a flat platform they can walk past the ramp but can still jump onto it from the bottom and go down it from the top.Is it possible to do this in Construct 2 without needing to create a custom movement?

    <img src="http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii35/Overking1/RampDiagram.png" border="0" />

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  • My first thought is to have three events.

    +Player: On collision with "solid"

    +Player: Platform: is on floor

    • Ramp: set jumpthru disabled

    +Player: Platform: is jumping

    -Ramp: Set jumpthru enabled

    +Player: Platform: is falling

    -Ramp: Set jumpthru enabled

    Try that, I did a quick test of it and it seems to work, but there also seems to be some minor issues.

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