the jump is not correct because of collisions -_-

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  • So basically what's happening is that the collision event sets the character to the stand animation.But it's messing with the jump animation -_-

    It's amazing I don't even feel like cursing this has become

    Here is the file:

  • The running is working correctly when i remove the collision.when i put it back on his running animation gets ruined.

  • I can't download your capx, are you sure it's in your public folder on dropbox and you copied te public link?

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  • Maybe it's not too hard to solve without the capx.

    Are you using a blank sprite for your platform behaviour with your animation pinned to it, that's usually recommended, for collisions are then checked with the square box of the invisible sprite.

    If collison is still the problem, have you checked your collision polygon to see if it is correct?

  • I uploaded it to dropbox using firefox highlight that link then right click then openlink.

    his running animations is messed up when i use collision.i do not know how to use a dummy sprite i just switched over from gamemaker

  • Have you tried following the beginners tutorials available in the tutorial section?

    They give you great insight in how Construct2 works. There is even a tutorial about making a basic platform game.

    If you think there is no need to follow tutorials, at least read page 4 on which the whole dummy-sprite-thing is explained.

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