How do I make jump multiple times if constantly pressing UP

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  • I found, that my jumping "stalls" if constantly pressing UP button:This is probably an effect of my animation control, since in the provided example "Platform 2 (scrolling)" the square just jumps once if constantly pressing UP.

    So the question is: how do I make it jump many times if constantly pressing UP?

    Setting "Double Jump = enabled" does not help.

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  • Try creating a variable and call iit "Jump". Use 0 for false and 1 for true and use key down to set value to 1.

    write a condition Jump=1》Jump. As long as the vaue is 1 it should trigger every tick. Write a condition to set the value back to 0 when thekey is released.

  • Why does my character twitches while I am pressing UP, but not jumping?

  • Did you do it as I outlined? It might be happening because it's triggering every tick. Try

    condition Jump=1>Jump

    __________________ >System Wait 0.2 (or some other increment of seconds)

  • Are you just looking for something like:

    on up key pressed

    simulate pressing jump

    on landed

    up key is down

    simulate pressing jump

    Actually maybe

    player platform is on floor

    up key is down

    simulate pressing jump

    is already enough..

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