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  • Hello All.

    Just starting playing with construct so following tutorials. I have run into a snag with the platform tutorial in regards to playing the jump from idle animation. Probably I just missed something Ashley was stating in tutorial... I have two animations:

    1. jump from running

    2. jump from idle

    However, even though I think I set the event logic right, my jump from running animation plays in both scenarios (whether the player is running or idle).

    Here is a snap shot of my event sheet:

    <img src="http://gassymule.site50.net/UHSEventSheet00.jpg" border="0" />

    Any help would be appreciate and sorry if this question was already posted but could not find it in forum.



  • Helping you would be a lot easier if you would send the Capx or a link to play the game so we know what jumping is like. We can also check out the characters animations, maybe you spelled "jumpFromIdle" or "jumpFromRun" wrong. I don't see anything wrong at the spot so unfortunatly I can't help you.

  • Thanks for quick response superwifibattler

    Oops meant to include that capx.

    here you go:


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  • Nice animations by the way :) Also the link is kind of broken. You missed out the ":" after "http". I found that the "jumpFromRun" animation is kind of useless. The animations looks really, really good anyways. Did you create them yourself? They're awesome.

  • Thanks for the feedback super. FYI:

    Character is from BlenderSwap. I just animated him and changed up the textures to suite my style.

  • Ok so not able to get this working yet. I think I might be able to sort this out another way, but since sub-events are a powerful aspect of C2 I am going to continue to work this issue out. Here is an updated link to my current capx:


  • When I try to open the CAPX file I get an error :'(

    I would suggest that you just remove the "jumpFromRun" animation. It's easier that way.

  • Yeah I basically just got rid of it for now. BTW I checked out your demo game - looks good, and I like the lighting effect.

  • I got the two jump animations to play by changing your jump event to..

    PlayerBox - on jump

          > blueMan - Is animation "idle" playing - set....

          > else

            blueMan - X (inverted) Is animation "idle" playing - set...

    To test that it was working I added a piece of text that updated every tick with the animation name the blue man was doing.

    I had to increase the animation speed to notice much of a difference in the animations though.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Haha, thanks dude! I made my game really bad, the platformers jump function is bugged. I updated the jump but I just did'nt upload it.

    Good luck with your awesome looking project. Remove your Capx now so nobody can be able to copy it and tell everyone it's theirs, it's too awesome for that.

  • Thanks BenGIJOE

    Thanks for the fix! I guess the issue with checking to see if platform is moving is that the moment you jump you are moving so the x platform is moving condition is never met.

    It seems that Ashley's platform tutorial probably needs to be updated to reflect your logic described here.

    Anyway thx my friend!

  • Thanks Super. Good talking with you. I will keep an eye out for any new games you place out in arcade. You are right the jump logic is incorrect/buggy.   I guess I will remove the capx now.


  • I ended up storing the current animation state in a variable. I then use that state to determine what type of jump/fall/etc... animation to play. Here is a link to the running jumping etc...


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