How can i jump foreword ?

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  • Hi all

    I'm using this code to make player slide on angle platform :

    Player overlapping slide

    Player on floor -------------- set platform vector x to 200

    -------------------------------------- start ignoring input

    -------------------------------------- set player not mirrored

    And i want when pressing up arrow the player will jump foreword not up, I've tried set vector x but didn't work.

    Thank's for any help.

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  • Any help ?

  • you have start ignoring input, right?

    but now you want input to not be ignored?

    You could probably just use the normal jump, as it seems the platform is on the floor..

    You are already using the vector x to make it slide, so I gues changing the vector x wouldn't do anything but slide faster (or slower)

    You could add a small Y vector to your jump, else the "gravity" will have the player back on the floor before you know it..

  • Thank's LittleStain

    Yes I've set the start ignoring so the player can't go left.

    I want in any key pressed the player will jump foreword.

    But until now i can't make it right.

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