How do I jump ennemy to player ???

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  • hi all,

    iam trying to do something in construct 2 but not find how to do it

    i just need that when player touch some object on layer , the ennemey jump to him

    thanks for help

    like picture in attached ...

  • You can make it so when the player interacts with the object, set the enemy's position to Player.X and Player.Y

    You might want to make it something like Player.X+10 or something like that so the enemy doesn't land directly on top of the player (unless that's what you want to do). Hope this helps

  • you can use the behavior "platform" and simulate keys (run/jump). you have the physics values (jump strength etc). so you can calculate the right force to hit the object. calcluated distance between positions of enemy and object. ...

    I'm sure that you can find some examples at the internet. calculate jump arc etc.

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  • thanks for reply i will work on it

    (i do bullet on behaviors on ennemy with set to inital position to desable, and when player is on collision with some thing witch is invisible) ... then i do set platform y to value and at the same time set bullet speed to value ) ... and get what i want ...

    but i think that what you suggest is better and more powerful and efficace....

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