jump on and destroy a solid object.

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  • Just like a Sonic game I want sonic to jump on a ring box and destroy it at the same time. But I'm having trouble with that because the box is a solid object.

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  • If I understand you correctly,

    Create a small delay in the event portion of the same condition. Try different amounts time plus or minus till you get the desired effect

    On Land (Condition)> System>wait 0.5 seconds

    • ---------------------------------------->Ring Box Destroy

    Remember the code always runs from top down. Events triggered within the same condition tend to run at the same time but using "wait" forces it to wait before triggering the next event in a given condition.

    I'm assuming the player needs to jump off again before it's destroyed. If I misunderstand you or alternatively, you can create an invisible object underneath the "ring box" object that has the actual solid behavior or some combination of this and the above example.

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