My jump animation won't use more than 3 frames

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  • I'm creating a platform game, which has a main player that is supposed to jump, walk, crouch etc.

    I've exported the animations as png sequences, and placed them in the animation frame area.

    All the animations are working perfectly except for the jump.

    The jump is split into 3 - the actual jump - going up in the air,

    the fall- when the player is mid air, and the land - when the player lands on the floor.

    the fall and the land work well, but for the jump I've made an animation that has 13 frames in it, but instead of using all these frames for the jumping in the air animation, the player jumps onlu using the first 3 frames out of the 13, making the animation look pretty bad.

    Any idea why the jump won't use all my frames?

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  • Nobody can help you with almost nothing to work with. Please read this, especially point 2 and 3.

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