How do I Jump Animation?

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  • Hi, Im a bit confused. I have an idle and a running animation. When I add a jump animation to trigger when player is jumping, it seems to only play the first frame of the animation when i trigger the jump. What is going on here? ><

  • Post your capx or a screenshot of the events so that people can have a look at what's wrong

  • So yeah, still having trouble understanding the jump animation. seems to not work like other animations and it only plays the first frame when i jump.

    sprite 3 is blacked out. not trying to reveal my new spritesheet working on. the jump animation is about 4 frames long.

  • You should try switching the animation to the event being triggered.

    On (jump button) pressed - sprite3|Set animation to "jump"


    On Jump - sprite3|Set animation to "jump"

    I think what may be happening is that while your character is jumping it's setting the animation to jump, and playing it from the beginning. So every frame C2 is saying, "Are you jumping?", "Yes?", "Set animation to jumping and play from the beginning", so it never leaves the first frame.

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  • I understand what u mean Ryan. Going to go give it shot. Thx a bunch man!


    So I have realized that the "is Moving" event counts as "is Jumping" also. I made a "is on Floor" condition for my "idle" and "running" events. This seems to have made things a bit more clear for now.

  • Another thing to check is the speed of the jumping animation. If it's set too low, it won't have time to switch frames before the jump is completed.

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