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  • Hello, I want that when my player jumps for example on the left side of the trampoline I go left, when he jumps through downtown is jumping up and when around the right side to jump to the right ...

    the problem is not how to divide the trampoline in three everywhere to say jump.

    <img src="http://i61.tinypic.com/2z9mk37.png" border="0" />

  • you have your solution in your drawing! :)

    use 3 square sprites(set them invisible of course during runtime ) and place them along your trampoline surface.then say

    Player on collision with "left sprite"

    and platform is falling                    set platform y -500

                                               set platform x -200

    Player on collision with "center sprite"

    and platform is falling                    set platform y -500


    Player on collision with "right sprite"

    and platform is falling                     set platform y -500

                                               set platform x 200

  • understand, and if that trampoline move, as it would do? thx <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> because those sprites are fixed, if the trampoline moves, not work

  • In the paid version of Construct 2, this issue can easily be handled with a Containers.

    In the free version of C2, when the trampoline moves, you can define each of the sprites to also move the same way. This would just take more events and actions.

    statham, but if you want more jumping direction without adding additional sprites, you could possibly get the location of where the player collision occurs, the do some maths to calculate the angle the player should bounce.

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  • I want to create a game like Arkanoid but I can choose the angle and the jump of each of the three parts of the jump. but moving no idea how.

  • Give your ball the bullet behavior and set it to bounce off of solids. You can also use the PIN behavior to pin the 3 "bounce" sprites to the trampoline so that when it moves they move with it.

  • you can make a little example

  • <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • What kind of example would help?

    create three sprites give them pin behaviour

    pin them to the trampoline on start of layout

    Pretty basic if you ask me,

    shouldn't be that hard..

  • Have a look at breakout tutorial - in the second video ("Interactivity") this is covered.

  • I am very stupid and do not know how to do...

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