Jrpg scroll inventory with text invisible

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  • Like the title says How do I do that with this guy example https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1145/j ... -item-list

    I know that using Overlapping and not overlaping sprite with a For each event onto the text works for one time but when you go to actual scrolling the text past the window layout it just doesnt want to repeat checking like its stuck on a once and never to be seen again lol.

    Any chance there a way to make it repeat the check when scroll is moved ? cause all the example I have found are using one layout and a sprite for hiding the text behind them rather then making text invisible cause let say if you want to make the list a drag n drop on the screen but cant afford to keep re drawing extra sprite crap all over the place and have to destroy each one.

    If you want to know this is just for a battle scene so just making the textbox invisible outside of a menu window Not hiding behind a sprite or outside of a layout would be great

  • Update: Ok this is super weird when i went to do a test run of a toggle Boolean on overlap if there is no scrolling then it work fine but once you start to scroll past the overlap its just quit working. I'm so confuse. I have check all the event but there isn't any that locks visibility or preventing it since I'm using a function to be call on press keyboard of moving the scroll inventory.

  • We use the "Destination Out" blending for our scroll lists (see the Lighting Demo). It is not nice, but it works. The easiest way to do scroll lists is iFrames and just have the list be a separate html page.

    Scroll lists is one of my pet peeves with C2.

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  • Could you explain that a little more ? like how would that work and in what way ? and Im already experimenting a get Y condition that actually halfway working. But the thing is this scroll list have to be updated every time this layout is made which is why im using the Jrpg inventory example because his code recreate the scroll on the fly and its actually so perfect for what i need just need the text to disappear when not on menu.

    Here is the capx or the modified version if you want to take a crack at it https://www.dropbox.com/s/3updlb7i15dx3 ... .capx?dl=1 It will autodownload just click one time

  • Hey i Solve my problem If you want to know here my capx with the updated https://www.dropbox.com/s/3updlb7i15dx3 ... .capx?dl=1

  • That is curious. A good solution too. You discretized the inventory UI and then just had it redraw the inventory using the underlying mathematics.

    You lose the "smoothness" of a full scrolling UI, but that definitely works too.

    I'll keep that in mind for future applications. Thanks.

  • well i dont take credit for it I merely tweaked the tutorial that was already up and used a bit more to it.

  • Yea, that is where most of my solutions come from too; tweaked tutorials.

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