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  • JoyToKey on windows is a program that maps your joystick to your keyboard. You can config your joystick all you want. Heck, you can even type document with it.

    So the thing is this, I got myself some C2 games, but all of them are pretty much "programmed" to keyboard input right now. But we got some physical joystick add on and what not for smartphone, etc. (For example, )

    So do we have something like JoyToKey that allows the user to map the add on joystick to keyboard input on the smartphone? While I can create some more events for the joystick, I would like to know some methods out there to see if I can save some more time.

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  • My thumbstick example covers all build in behaviours, so it wouldn't be hard to convert games with it.

  • LittleStain The keyword is "keyboard", my friend. I will NOT be using touchscreen at all.

  • Pardon me for seeing joystick and smartphone in one sentence together and automatically thinking thumbstick.

    I've never seen anyone plugging a joystick into a smartphone.

    Construct itself hasn't got a simulate keyboardkey pressed action as far as I know.

  • LittleStain ever heard the term "no country for old men"?

    For those who have been with joysticks for decades will know what am I talking about.

    Here: physical joystick for niche market. They do exist but as a niche. Some people like me can't really game without joystick.

  • I guess I'm an even older man than you are for the joysticks on that page look nothing like my commodore 64 and or Atari joysticks.. haha

    But I at least understand what you mean now.

    Thanks for showing me this niche of which I had no knowledge.

  • This should be easy, just use the gamepad plugin and Golbal Vairable to store the key press input.

  • Fuged Yes indeed it is possible to do that, but if you see some Japanese indie folks, who simply develop games for their hobby, you will see some of them write this in their readme:

    "Q: I want to use Joystick.

    A: Please use JoyToKey."

    This way, they can save a bit of time without putting all joystick stuff in. Beside, joystick's button mapping is all different for each joystick. Try grab yourself XBOX joystick and Logitech Joystick, their "button 1" is different button.

    So if the player must map all these button presses anyway, let's have something more simple for the programming side.

    Hence, this topic. ;)

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