JoyPad via conAngle script

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  • I, i'm not so god to english writting but i'm try to explain my self!

    Hi every one.

    I'm using a script create by someone of you ( the touch joypad )

    He use conAngle script for make the PG move around.

    I'v lock the Vector Y ( sin( sangStick.conAngle ) * 100 ) becouse the game is a platform and when i go UP the player "fly" it's funny but don't need.

    Now the question is:

    I'm using "platform is moving" and when it's moving left it's mirrored so it's look left or right "BUT" this don't work via PAD

    I'v try to give to the mirrored ( left platform moving ) olso the commando: conAngle < 90 and on left conAngle <-90

    But i'v done the revers... "when i'm put the PAD up up/left up/right the player look left and vice versa it's looking down... ho to make left and right?

  • Can you modify the javascript from the plugin?

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  • it's not a plug's just a variable toke from this site...

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