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  • Hi, I'm new to Construct. I just switched over from Stencyl.

    I'm working on this ball & chain type thing. I've used distance joints (I've tried revolute joints as well) to attach the chain links, but I'm having trouble getting the whole contraption to behave:

    1. The joints are making everything jitter

    2. If you try moving and jumping around a bit, the joints get confused and separate from the character, so the distance between some of them grows

    I've also started working on a kicking behaviour � if you press down when the character is colliding with the head it'll send the head flying; but I also want the character to be dragged along at the same velocity.

    I had this all set up in Stencyl but for the life of me can't get it working in Construct. Would really appreciate some help.

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  • Got this fixed, mostly. I used invisible sprites for everything that had physics behaviours and also fiddled a lot with the density of the chain links, their size, and the distance between them. Settled on a density of 30, size 15x15, and distance 15.

    It's still jittery � any ideas on how to fix that? Also I still can't get the player to be dragged by the head, so any help on that would be great.

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