joints with multiple instances of an object

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  • when creating a "chain" made up of links joined together, it appears that each link needs to be a separate object correct? if I just control/drag to make copies, it doesn't make a seperate object, so when creating the revolute joint and i selct the object to join to, it seems to just pick the first one i put in the layout without being able to pick any of the others...

    am i correct in the fact that a chain needs each link to be a separate object?



  • They don't have to be separate objects. You can put the link into a family. Then you can pick one as a link instance and another as a family instance and join them together.

  • ok, thanks ill have to look into that...have not used families before...

  • hi ramones

    im not sure I understand...lets say I have a chain with 20 not sure how putting the link object in a family allows me not to have them all as separate objects.



  • Hi, it let's you pick two different links in the same event so you can create a joint between them. How you pick them depends on your setup. For example you could loop through each link horizontally and then pick the link that's overlapping on the left and join to it.

    <img src="" border="0">

    physicsChain.capx (r139)

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  • ah thanks!

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