How do I make a joint of different instances

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  • Hello,

    I try to make a snake, that is made of balls.

    Balls - are the different instances of one sprite.

    At first moment i have only head (first instance).

    When i press "space" button, another instance is creating and i want to connect it to head, using revolute joint.

    To do it, i pick the object, that was created , then i choose an action "create phisic limited revolute joint",

    but i can't understand how to point the instance i want to connect to.

    There is no problems, when the head is a different sprite, but i want to use an instance of the same sprite.


  • Create a family with this sprite.

    You will be able to pick to one sprite instance and one family instance in the same event and then create a physics joint between them.

  • Thank you,

    unfortunately families are not available in free version,

    is creating a family the only way ?

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  • AFAIK the only way to do it without families is to use two separate body segment objects (they can look the same), and alternate each segment.

  • The chipmunk physics behavior is another way. You just specify the uid of the other object to connect to with it.

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