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  • I?m trying to make a game where you can draw. I give a template of points, and dragging the mouse, the player must draw the object joining them.

    The idea is:

    When you are dragging the cursor create a shape in its position. For example a back round shape.

    The object to draw is stored as an array.

    When you create a shape, you fill the cell as marked

    If there is a 90% for example of the object marked, the picture is right.

    I?m almost new with construct, so i want to ask if someone knows something already done, or a better approach, before starting to fight with a wrong idea.

    Thank you very much

  • I did something for a friend where drawing was involved. But it was just joining points in a given time.

    So click on a point, drag to the next point and release to draw the line

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  • Thank you Yann.

    I was thinking in more games, all with a drawing orientation. For example, one can be to apply color to a shape. The idea is make some games for occupational therapy so i need a more control over what is really draw. I�m interested in what they really draw. Do they fail many points? Maybe a patient was not able to make some wrist movement?

    So im trying to analize the outline

    Your idea is nice, but all the lines will be straight and the result will only include straight lines.

    Thank you very much for your comment

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