How do I join 2 projects to a single file?

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  • I am working a certain project with a friend of mine, so we split our work & do it, is there anyway that we can join the capx files together and make it a single capx file without loosing what we did? please help i really need to know this?

    or any alternative way to join our project files in to a single project file?

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  • There isn't any "join capx" function that I know of, mostly because it would be impossible in the generic case (how do you merge 2 layouts ?

    Best way to do it though is to open both capx in C2 (same instance of C2 of course), copy all the missing object from the first capx to the second one, copy/paste all events (or import event sheet), and do the same for the layouts. This will let you choose how the merging should be done.

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