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  • I developed two versions for jigsaw

    Example 1

    Example 2

    My main target is developing this with one sprite and cutting all the pieces automatically. But i have to said i'm failed. Now both of game depends heavily on photoshop. All the pieces must be cut pixel perfect. For example second games second level has some small pixel problems.

    First i tried with canvas plugin. But creating curvy faces will be very hard.

    Second idea was using masks. In the first example, i used 24 pieces and resolution is 640x480. So you need 24 other mask sprites with the same resolutions. Also all masks have to pinned to different instances. So at least you need 24 instances of background sprite with same resolution.

    But the problems not finished in here. If you use more than one mask blending modes are not very helpful. Because background is pinned and when you drag background also will move. On overlap with other mask you can't see the right effect because between two masks there is a background instance.

    If you have ideas for solving this problem i'll try to do a new one. Thanks.

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