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  • Hi,

    I'm using bullet behaviour on an invisible sprite to do a movie-like pan around a large map. The panning is quite jerky at times. Here's the file... ... Jerky.capx

    The background sprite is large. Is this the problem? Do I need to chop it up into small tiles?



  • Wow... 82Mo for the capx ? I bet the image is rather large in fact ! Maybe you should use smaller resolution ? I'll take a look after download, but this isn't a good sign... How much VRAM does your program take ?

    When something is lagging/not working right, try to use the Debug Layout feature, as there is a tab with Performances Profiling, helping you understand where the bottle neck is.

    EDIT after DL : yes, try to cut your image in multiple pieces. This is the origin of your problem here. After all, there is only 3 objects for now, and I'm already at 40FPS (bad computer but still)

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  • I think it is because your invisible sprite is getting to its location and then constantly correcting - therefore that (the invisible sprite) is shaking which is causing the screen to shake (scroll to behaviour)

  • Thanks!

    Is there an easy way of chopping a large image like this into smaller chunks, then arranging them again in C2? I'll be using GIMP. what size chunks?



  • Thanks RamPackWobble,

    so your capx seems to show that it's not my large sprites that cause this problem? Any solutions?



  • Get rid of the scrollto to and use the system scroll.

    always set scroll x to lerp(scrollx,bullet.x,1-0.05^dt)

    • set scroll y to lerp(scrolly, bullet.y, 1-0.05^dt)
  • Thanks Newt,

    'works a treat - a tiny bit of jerkiness (probably due to my large image), but quite acceptable.

    What's the reason for the 1-0.05^dt bit? (I replaced this with a variable so I could easily fiddle with the timing)



  • Ehh its just a small number for testing. Something *dt will do fine.

  • sorry - I missed your reply ( if you add username to your post then that username gets a message and knows to look). Anyway all sorted now ?

    (and I have also just seen that I can tick a box to get Notified when a reply is posted - so I will give that a try)

  • RamPackWobble

    You can also, from your control panel, set this box checked by default. Quite useful.

    Would even be nicer to get notified via the notification system of the forums, and not only by mail though

  • Guizmus - Thanks for that - found and ticked !

    I do like this new forum - except having to sign in nearly every visit.

  • It's certainly only temporary, the KeepAlive system is broken since the update, but as everyone is impacted, Tom is surely on the same page as us on this. They did a great job indeed, and the addition of Attachments yesterday is only here to top that even more

  • sorry - double post - deleted


    We now have attachments ? Missed that as well !

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