Jerking at 60FPS while scrollx/scrolly

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  • Hello all,

    I read some posts here on forum about jerking (looks like it is well known problem) but I not find any solution but maybe i miss something. Is there a way how to remove jerking while using scrollx / scrolly?

    FPS are between 59-60 and jerking starts randomly every 5-10 seconds. Jerkings are small but easily detected by naked eye.

    Projects are exported to HTML5, tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera on multiple computers. I tryed conver project to SD resolution but there is not difference - jerking is same all the time. Looks like problem is in C2 engine.

    Please help.


  • Yes quite a few people have been reporting problems with this but I haven't seen a full solution yet either.

  • Aww... thats sad. Jerking is serious problem.

  • I use to get a lot what help me is that each time you add a sprite it automatically adds collisions click on object then in left panel disable it. Keep in mind only disable the objects that the player or enemyou doesnt collisions with.

  • Thatks for tip but jerking have nothing with number of objects / collisions. This problem happens even when use just 2 tiled objects (or sprites) in project.

  • Do you have a lot of animations?

  • All without animations. You can try it - just create simple keyboard movement and lock view ("Scroll To" behaviour or by actions (scrollx, scrolly)) with avatar. Add floor (tiled background) to see jerking better...

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  • Could it linked to pixel rounding ?

  • I have this issue. I'm using scrollto for a simple transition between screens (one layout). No collisions or animations, all static stuff and it's jerky on my Nexus 5, horrible on my Nexus 7, both with Lollipop. Smooth on PC of course but mine is an Android Crosswalk app. It looks so unprofessional I think I'm going to remove it.

  • Hello all,

    I made one simple project without action. Please can someone test it? Animation of red circle jerking at (Chrome, Firefox and Opera). Why?

  • Unknow01

    yes i see the stuttering, its just not so obvious in this example as you dont have your screen filled

    i have the same problem in this demo of my assets, (every 5/10sec theres stuttering)

    didn't use construct for a couple of versions, and now everything i test has framerate issues, where before everything was supersmooth, im just hoping it resolves itself "somehow"

  • Thank you for reply. Your projects jerks too ...

  • Presumably this is the issue being discussed in a big way about 'jerkiness of movement' in another thread..

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