jerk in my game!!!

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  • hello everybody how are you

    please can anyone tell me solution for the jerk in my game

    here is it

    https:// www

    remove space

    also I need your feed back please play it and give me your opinion

  • Smurf movement is rather slow, nice work.

  • The jerking is due to the scrollingY and the 8direction movement going up actions. You don't have to move the Smurf upwards. You want the fruits and rocks to fall down.

    I changed those things and I am attaching the capx (I removed the music and some images in order to reduce the file-size and be able to attach the file).

    Overall the game has a nice aesthetic, the music is kinda on the loud side and the fact that it's only 8 bars doesn't' help.

  • thanks alot

  • You are welcome!

  • but Elios there is a problem when I do it as you told me

    the speed for the fruits and the rocks didn't increase according to score still the same I try to do some event to increase it but don't work just the smurf speed that increase

    any suggestions please

  • Oh ok, I missed that part. You need a global variable (e.g. FallingSpeed) to control the speed of the falling stuff and you increase it as the score gets higher.

    I took the liberty to add an invisible "Bucket" sprite to collect the fruits and made the player take damage if the rocks fall on his head instead of the bucket. Also I added a flashing 2second invisibility when he gets hit. Finally, now there are 2 hearts on the top right that reflect the player's remaining life. These are but a few of many-many things you can do. Keep what ever you feel it fit's your needs.

  • Elios really This is nice of you

    thank you very much

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  • You are welcome

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