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  • im a noob i have minimal skills in coding but i was wondering if there was a way i could be more hands on with my project rather than using the even sheet or if the event sheet handles free writing of javascript i just want to learn how to code properly and not have as many limitations

  • The whole point of C2, it's main selling point probably, is that it is an 'event driven' system. There are numerous other more appropriate systems if it's actual coding you wish to do.

    C2 does have a JavaScript SDK with which you can develop plugins to enhance the system. You would need to be proficient at coding beforehand to be able to utilize this.

  • thanks for the reply what is the best sdk in your opinion?

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  • SDK for what exactly? For learning JavaScript?

  • no for implementing my own add-ons into construct and will i be limited in the aspect of what i can add to it or can i make what i have the skill for

  • If you have the skill, then download the C2 SDK which contains the templates for effects, plugins and behaviors. Then look at the SDK section of the manual to get some pointers, and look at the plugins and behaviors that come with C2 to see how they were created. There is also some very useful info in the Extending C2 section.

    If you then have more questions about extending C2, that's the best place for posting in.

  • thanks

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