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  • I want to make the things work like that when all instances of an object, are in defined place, system goes to another layout. How to do this?

  • You need to provide more clearer information about what you are trying to achieve.

    If at all possible, provide a .capx showing what you have and what you require/expect to happen.

  • Sounds like a co-op game where you go to next level when teammates are all in the right spot? I'd do this in one event like:

    (option 1: An invisible sprite over the entire area that objects must overlap, code assumes there can be any number of players)


    +PlayerSprite is overlapping ExitSprite

    +System Compare PlayerSprite.PickedCount = PlayerSprite.Count (all players here)


    -> Go to next layout

    (option 2: A distance check from a location)


    +System Pick (By Comparison) PlayerSprite where expression distance(PlayerSprite.X PlayerSprite.Y, TargetX, TargetY) <= 32

    +System Compare PlayerSprite.PickedCount = PlayerSprite.Count (all players are within 32px of that point)


    -> Go to next layout

    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you Jayjay! Well, a co-op is too hard for me, as I am an almost complete n00b in C2 These PickedCount and Count are global variables or what?

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  • They are part of the Sprite object expressions (same as how every Sprite automatically has Sprite.X and Sprite.Y) No global variables needed there

    If you go with option 2, TargetX and TargetY are examples of variables though

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