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  • I'm watched tutroials of construct 2 on YouTube about "How to make multiplayer games in construct 2".

    please help me

    habbo is a MMO isometric game and i try to do one in construct 2

    I'm speak spanish

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  • I would get started with the manual...

  • Overall, any 2D game can be made with C2. With enough knowledge, patience and efforts.

    So is it possible in the end ? yes.

    Is it easy ? not really.

    Could you make it alone ? Maybe.

    The question is vague and the answer is complex.

    Determine step by step what mechanics you need and see what sounds like the most difficult to implement in Construct 2.

    Check the How do I FAQ about specific mechanics (especially this topic about MMOs) .

    To make a MMO, you need to be fluent in the server side of things. If you're not, you can learn, but it is out of the scope of Construct 2 and will require you to check other websites and communities. There are other possibilities, but as mentioned, it is a complex answer.

    You can use the multiplayer plugin to handle a more volatile gameplay function, but need your server to hold and connect players' informations.

    Isometric can be done, although it is not Construct 2's strong suit.

    Determine the mechanics you need, and then check one by one if there is documentation/way to do it in Construct 2.

    Consider reading this updated article that may help you getting started.

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