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  • I want to set an array with text then iterate through it - all the tutorials and posts I'm seeing about arrays are over my head or off topic. I know I can do this manually with a long slew of events but I'd rather do this with an array and an expression. I just don't know where or how.

    for example - at 5 seconds:

    "good start"

    at ten

    "keep going"

    at fifteen

    "almost there"

    etc - thanks!

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  • You can use TokenAt() to retrieve part of a string so long as there is a delimiter.

    For example, if you have a string "M1,M2,M3"

    then tokenat(string,2,",") will give you "M2"

  • Yeah tokenat definitely.

    With array it's a pain 'cause you have to set each lines with one action

    Array: set value at (0) to "good start"
    Array: set value at (1) to "keep going" 

    With tokenat you just do a

    Global text dialog = ""
    System: Start of layout
      -> Set dialog to [insert your tokenized text]

    And then call each token as Tokensom (hehe) said

    My little advide :

    Build your string with newline as separator

    dialog = "good start
    keep going
    almost there"

    And then you can access each of them with tokenat(dialog,[index],newline)

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