How do I make items with physics fall faster

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  • I can't seem to make an item with physics fall faster and also is it possible to make it fall faster after a certain amount of play time or after a certain score?

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  • add gravity? reduce friction?

  • you should look at this manual page on physics it should help you out it details what each options do in the physics property

  • To start with, don't let box2d handle gravity:

    On start of Layout -> Set physics object World Gravity to 0

    Then add everything you want to be affected by gravity into a family and call it "anything".

    Everytick -> "anything" Set physics velocity to whatever you like per frame.

    You can get fancy and have gravity change strength, angle or both over time. Really, if you manipulate velocity rather than adding forces or impulses you can get very predictable results without compromising the integrity of the physics world. Using this method you can even have a max fall velocity.

  • Ruskul thanks but i'm having a hard time making the gravity get higher each (x amount of secs) i made a global variable "Difficulty" and i put the initial value at 5 so every 5 secs. but when i made the event "every Difficulty seconds" i can't seem to make to so that it adds gravity to the item. i did "set physics world gravity to" but i can't do an addition/+ to make it go higher if you want i can send you the file.

  • I would be happy to take a look if you would like. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee how soon I can get to it with the christmas season and all... but if the project is small it will be easy to check it out.

  • Ruskul thanks i don't want to bother you if you don't have time i already found one way to make the game harder by making the "object" spawn faster here is the file anyway

    *edit i need more rep to post links so i just added the file to the post

  • I'll take a look if I get the time on Christmas eve. I'm at work right now so no construct

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