How do I make istant fullscreen on launch game

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  • so, i make test project for splashscreen

    and i setup all things like on tutorials "Supporting multiple screen sizes" and "How to export to Android with Crosswalk"

    so, i put in event "on start of layout" to make fullscreen, but not working

    i also put that in project properties and same

    but when i make sprite and setup click action to make fullscreen, then stuff works

    1. so, is there any possible way to make fullscreen happend on game launch?

    2. i use intel XDK to export game for android, and there they have thier own splashscreen stuff to upload images and icons, so there is no need to make it inside of construct2? because it didnt use it as splashscreen even i set in project properties to make first layout as splashscreen, i still saw loading and consturct icon on start but not stuff i set inside of layout, just after that loading, that first layout witch should be splashscreen apear normaly.

    what to do about that?


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