Issues with Web Fonts

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm seriously in need of help here. I spend the whole day trying to get web fonts to work on other people's browsers but I just couldn't figure out the problem. It works fine on my own PC (probably because I had the font installed).

    Asked 3 friends to load my game and all 3 are seeing default fonts.

    I've tried both tutorials by pcfernandesjr and Przemek32767. None fixed the issue unfortunately

    Here's a screenshot of my capx.

    I tried replacing the url with just "stylesheet.css" but that didn't work either. (I used this method for my game few years back)

    Any help is very much appreciated. For testing purposes, my game is currently being hosted on my own webserver and I'm using Construct2 R239.

  • Can you please post the content of your stylesheet.css

  • Sorry for the late reply. Here it is

  • I managed to solve the problem by exporting the project as Kongregate rather than HTML5. Since doing that, web fonts loaded without any issues.

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  • The CSS looks fine, It should work when you set the fonts from your CSS.

    Just to make sure, check in the chrome dev tools if the fonts are indeed loaded from your server.

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