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  • Hello all,

    I'm trying to manually submit to Tizen (without going through appbackr).

    After some trial and error, I believe I got a correct config.xml and wgt file but, when I try to upload it, I get this last "warning" message, which is more like an error since it doesn't let me proceed any further:

    "The Package ID, application title, or device is already being used by another application. No device on the list is available."

    Now, the package ID was just generated by the SDK, the application title is available (I checked), so what device is it talking about here?

    Did anyone experience anything similar? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Have you checked your package name?

    By default most ides name your package something like com.example

    Try renaming your package to com.[packagename] where [packagename] is your project name (pacman, chess, etc).

  • Thanks but the package name should be fine. I just wrote to Tizen's support: let's see if they answer.

  • Ok, got a reply from Tizen (they were actually very quick!). The problem was the screen resolution: I set it at 480*800 but looks like we have to submit at HD res instead (720*1280).


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  • roberto

    You set the new resolution in the config.xml file?

    In widget opton you set width720 and height 1280 ?

  • Kurz

    The widget options are set to "fullscreen". I set the resolution directly in config.xml by adding this line:

    <feature name=""/>

    Once the file is saved and the project updated, when checking the config file in the IDE, you will see that line in the "Features" tab.

    I managed to submit the game now. It works perfectly in the simulator but let's see if it gets approved or not...

  • Here's the best guide to resolution -

    We have to ask, why are you not going through appbackr? Just to clarify, we are managing cash incentives for Intel. We aren't an independent platform. We can help you get on Tizen. If that's not clear, let us know!

  • Thanks for the link.

    We have to ask, why are you not going through appbackr?

    Actually, I did submit through appbackr soon after the service went live but I never got any feedback or reply to inform whether my game was rejected or approved so I decided to do things on my own.

  • Roberto,

    We sent feedback to all developers via Zendesk. Do you want to send us the app name by email or Twitter?

    If it is verified by Tizen, it qualifies for cash.


  • appbackr last time I uploaded using appbackr I got this message"The comments from the scoring system is that the app has builds and deploys on the command line, but when we go to rebuild it in the IDE, it crashes the IDE" uploaded to Tizen directly and worked.

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