Issues stopping pathfinding

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  • I'm currently using this pathfinding in my game:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    However, I'm having a huge issue getting it to stop. Using the "Disable" and "Stop" in the pathfinding behavior doesn't seem to help, and I can't use Timescale to pause the game currently, because of a drop down menu, also disabling the group this is in, doesn't seem to do the trick either.

    Currently, my drop down menu has a boolean attached so the game knows if the menu is active or not.

    Is there anyway to stop this pathfinding completely, when the menu becomes active?

    I need help, big time! Thanks guys!

  • If these are the only events that have something to do with path finding in your game, I think the problem might be with the "Chewie is not moving along path" as you stop it, this will trigger true, and it will find a path to a new point and then start moving again. So you need to add a variable to Chewie that also have to be true for it to start looking for a new path.

  • That actually makes perfect sense! I think I've been staring at this for entirely too long, and throwing too many different things at it. But I will definitely give that a try! Thank you!

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  • It's working part of the way. Once the condition is met, and breaks the event to find a path, it does stop. However, while it's on the path, it won't stop until it's reached the destination.

    How would I go about stopping it immediately?

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