Issues with stopping enemy pathfinding (for pause)

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  • Right now, I'm using a boolean that's attached to a inventory menu to deactivate the player control group and various other groups that I don't want the player to be able to do while the menu is active, and that part of everything works great!

    It deactivates and reactivates the groups as they should.

    However, I have an enemy that uses pathfinding in it's own group (even in the same event sheet) and when I tell the boolean for the menu to deactivate this group, the enemies still move, and the pathfinding is obviously still working.

    Timescale won't work, because then you won't be able to use the menu currently.

    Is there another way, that I'm possibly missing to deactivate enemy pathfinding and reactivate it or another way to use Timescale to affect enemy pathfinding, while still allowing me to use the inventory menu?

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